Governing Body

US Magickal Parliament. It is made up of eight parties



Dead /Mortuus






In order to be in the ruling party of their own kind, all of them need to be of Advanced level.

Any Masters are at the head of the World Parliment or not interested. Masters are an Extremely rare and very few involved(more caught up with their own goals). They treated with king like respect because many have the potential to destory or greatly damage the world.

Country Assembly-State Magickal Assembly- local government body-town/city Magickal Assembly

To participate you have to have passed the talent test of Advanced level, fought your way to the top three if your kind and gotten your people to agree to allow you to represent them(how ever they decide that process). Then there will be a vote to pick one of the three from each of the classes. There you will rule for 10 years and never reelcted.

US Magickal Laws

Lex Talion

Harm None magick, human, creature

No action worse than the crime

An eye for an eye

  1. If you murder you die
  2. if you steal then then a similar value will be taken from you. If you don’t have the same value then you will be put to work paying it off from the person(people) you stole from
  3. if you kidnap/ attempt to kidnap then psychic punishment will be given to you of relative trauma
  4. if you hurt or attempt to hurt  any human, animal or dead the same injury will be done to you
  5. if you commit fraud the value you could have taken will be taken from you.
  6. if you use coercion with powers they will be stripped from you
  7. if you harm a child depending on circumstances whipped branded, and/or psykic punishment
  8. if you abuse animal/dead the same will be done to you
  9. there will be no slaves or you will be indentured for seven years minimum to the government
  10. there will be no interfering with Human politics if you do your power will be stripped from you
  1. Evidence must be gathered and presented by a third party(guardians)
  2. carry weapons unless a place specifically asks to de-arm
  3. do any kind of drugs to your peril
  4. prostitution  via consenting adults and creatures if lawful
  5. marriage/divorce via your spiritualism or not
  6. if you can’t protect your land/home or yourself then you will lose it.
  7. taxes for government via purchases/sales of all magickal items/services or magick creation(via magickal person or ingredients)

Guardian are the police of the Magickal world. They enforce the laws and make sure the humans are left alone.

political parties?

stonger laws for magick and talent users

superior magick you should be treated better/ better job better treatment

reveal to world of magick/creatures to rule humans

reveal to world of magick/creatures to work with humans’

shut off access from humans forever


angry at humans that they can’t see magickal world

uses humans because they can’t see magickal world

wants humans to believe and see magickal world

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