known as Erinyes, Poinai, Praxidikai, Maniai female winged humanoid. The often carried whips. creatures of justice and vengence. Originally ghosts of the murdered. Used to live in underworld and asended to earth to pursue the wicked. Mainly homicide, unfilial conduct, crimes against gods and perjury. A victim seeking justice can call them for help to get the criminal. They inflict madness, illness, disease, hunger. Can only be stopped by doing a ritual purification and completion of a task assigned for atonement.  They also oversaw the torture of ciminals coould be found working with Guardians.  

Ekek: other names : manananggai, wak wakPhillippine creaturs who are bird like humans. They search for victims at night. they like flesh and blood. They have a bill and can transfom into a  huge bird or bat at night. Ekek looks for sleeping pregnant women. It extends its proboscis into the womb and kills the fetus by draining its blood. WHile it happens the Ek-ek-ek sound is heard.

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