Laws of the world:

When people traveled the world they brang their beliefs with them. Therefore the magickal creatures and magick of those cultures came with them. The US and major cities that are around strong ley lines along the coast lines have the biggest "Melting pot" of magick. The ley lines are attractive to them since they could use them. The creatures live in places that suit them best and others adapted to their environment. Generally Creatures can be found in their natural habitat. EX. Humanoid creatures around humans, creatures that coexist/symbiotic relationship with humans. In the woods, forest, lake, ocean etc is where you will find the others. Some are very hard to find, some are so abundant that they become pests. Sometimes they live peacefully and sometimes they don’t. Some kill, some feed off of humans or other creatures, some are destructive.  Their main population is where their cultures originally comes from. Anywhere there is large mingling of cultures there tends to be unexpected conflicts of all kinds.

Any ability (Elementals, Animal, Plant, Psychic, Mages, Dead Divine ) that uses Magick or any Talent has a price, a limited resource. Talent comes from the physcial body. The more you use it the more endurance you have. It is the effort of working out and you will burn more calories. What you do will color who you are. There more you do good or bad things will shape you mental state and ultimately your body. Magick is three fold/karmic, it pulls from the energy of universe, collective unconscious. therefore, If you do good or bad it counts to your soul. If it is neutral and doesn’t do any harm then nothing happens. The actual act of pulling magickal energy or storing it takes physical energy. No matter how powerful you are you need to build up strength to use the more potent magick until you max out on your level.Those that are stupid or not cautious will get themselves killed, which solves its own problem. Survival of the fittest...

If a "bad/negative" Mage/Talent does a good thing then a "good/positive" is added to their soul. The bad doesn't go away but the good can balance out the bad. If a person is "good/positive" and does a bad/negative thing (the consequence of the action) then it takes away from the soul. Of course there are all shades of people and nothing is just one absolute or the other because people are human.

Your promises, oaths have real weight because sounds of words hold power of their meaning. Therefore lying and telling the truth have real  consequences or benefits. Some cultures like the fairies have to tell the truth. Telling lies and breaking promises have consequences to the body, soul and mind, Essentially what you do reflects directly back onto you.

The Veil: Since the beginning of time magick and magickal creatures existed alongside normal humans. Yet with the sift in religions and scientific reason, the power of the mind slowly pulled away from the magickal aspect of the world. The Veil is spoken about during Halloween when it is thinnest and the supernatural has a night to roam free. What does that really mean? Seasons, tides and magicks is effected by the movement of the universe. What is the Veil? It is a barrier that was constructed by the human mind that became a tangible thing in the magickal aspects of the world. The less the humans believed the more real and strong is become. It is in the human mind and the power of the mind has proven to influence the world around them so it is also actual magickal barrier that keeps the magicks from crossing over into the "normal" world. The only way a human could see and be part of the magickal world (Needs a name...) is by stripping the Veil away or by a extraordinary event. In order to take the veil away properly with no damage is by a spell.

Some people were born and raised in the magickal world and never had the Veil in their mind because they were raised with it. Many of these natural born are ahead of the game because they were taught from the beginning the use of their Talent and about magick. They tend to be more skilled and more powerful. Some of them have a tendency to look down on those that are introduced to the world at a later age.

Some humans do believe in the supernatural but have no Talent. they believe but they don’t really See through the Veil. The Magicks either pity them or make fun of them.

An accident like head trauma or in the rare cases a magick manages to bypass the veil the human can see. It often causes a lot of mental damage because they don't understand what they see. Rarely something happens to the human and they can see partial things or the full magickal world. If they aren’t found and taught they can go crazy from not understanding what they see. They try to tell normal people but it is symptomatic as a mental illness. Many are homeless, the ones that went crazy before anyone could find them since mental institutes are slowly being closed all over the US. Some people who are properly introduced into the "other side of the Veil" don't want to be or wish they could stop Seeing. It can be very sad because their is no known way to undo what has been Seen.

Magick effects those with no Veil. Usually magick users use it for, on or against other magick types. Magick will effect the physical world and animals but because humans don’t believe and don’t see it, it doesn’t effect them. So if a magick user wants to use magick against humans they have to do it indirectly.

Magick once the Veil is pulled away is visible to the naked eye. Since it has energy and power it emits glowing colors that matches its nature. Magickal signs, sigils, protections, objects all show up as a Magickal walks down the street to them. there could be a away to conceal its power with magick but magicks mixed together could have strange, bad or cancelling qualities.

The actual laws of the town, country and world do apply. Current world powers and governments all apply to humans. There is a separate government body and laws for the magick world. {create a tag here}

Technology: magic disrupts it because it has its own energy. When the energy interacts with electricity, it tends to overload it because it is of similar makeup. The power of the magic correlates with how much it effects the energy of the tech.There are scientists in the Magickal community that are trying to figure out how to fix it.

there is no amazing place that the people reside. the group all have jobs because they need to feed and cloth themselves. Some people can work their abilities into their jobs. The magickal world and community exists alongside the Norm world.There is a need for places of shops, homes, hotels, places for plants and food to be grown so many stores on the outside seem Normal yet when you walk through there is a door somewhere that takes you to a place that is a inter-dimensional pocket in space that can be created by a practitioner for a price or lease. Or a small gap between buildings can be expanded and turned into a house, shop, bank etc.

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