Telekinesis to Omnikinesis Manipulate objects with the mind.


keep objects/beings from moving

lift a small object to larger

augment physical strength


object manipulation; object’s inner workings

take objects apart and back together

prject telekinetic energy/objects like crushing,, bullets, cutting, flight



Energy absorption/conversion/ emission

Remote Telekinesis

heavy binding like waves, buildings etc



Regeneration/Shifitng/Potential Immortality

Atomic Manipulation/cosmic manipulation

Dimensional Travel/ Reality Warping

Telepathy Mentally receive/transmit information

two catagories: communication/perception


Mind reading thoughts

mind communication

Speaking to more than one mind



Getting information through another mind

Sending Information via mind

Reading memories

Seeing through eyes of other people

Relay station for a group of minds

makes thoughts visable to all


Control thoughts of others



psi bolts

mental inhibitors

hijacking telepathic communication

predication of opponent’s moves


transfers one’s mind to a new body

Manipulate functions of the mind/ subconscious

Taking control of the body via the mind

produce/manipulate mental energy

Omipathy read thoughts of billions




Clairvoyance gain direct visual info through non average means


Comes sporatically or uncontrolably

Through one sense

By one type either past, present, future or location

By one method

Recieving partial info

Limited endurance

Get overloaded easily


Gains control when used

Sense is stronger and might gain beginner of another

Method is reliable and easier to access.

Endurance is longer

No longer overloaded except specail cirumstances

More complete and understandable information


Gains history, present of object or person

Two or more senses assessable perhaps beginning of third

Ability to turn on and off power at will, no longer uncontrolable at all.

Endurance very tough

All information easily available within item, person or place


Gain, past, present, future, location

All senses are assessable

All info available and a circumference around item, person or place

Power accessed at will, control

Empathy-fully interpret/replicate emotions, moods or  temperaments of others


Picking up emotions of others uncontrolably from a bit to a lot

instinctily understanding how to approach/handle someone


Power is a good amount

Shield against emotions, moods and temperments of others


Working to help/hinder people from the info they recieve about people


Power is strong

Filter, Shield with ease

Can attack or heal with ability

Project emotions onto people maybe one or two at a time

Beginning to sense animal emotions


Master strength

project, manipulate, inundate, uninhibtiion, insertion of phobic/fears

animal emotions

sense emotion on freshly dead




Illusionist- able to caste visual images physically and mentally.


Manifest illusions to the eyes of one person and  they get easily dispelled

Pick up on dreams and gently push them in a direction. Subconscious can            

be manipulated with hallucination on a limited scale.


Manifest illusion to the eyes of  crowds of people and not easily dispelled.

Manipulate dreams and effect the subconsciousness with hallucination, confusion and misdirection, temporarily


Illusions of complexity to a large crowd.

Manipulate dreams, strongly effect subconsciousness, hallucination, confusion and misdirection of crowds of people.

Beginnings of inner world creation


Manipulation, hallucination, confusion and misdirection of indiviuals can be perment if desired.

If at full rest and strength can manipulate crowds with illusions, dreams, confusion and misdirection at a permanent level will  errod at end of life with mental aging.

Create illusionary omnipotence and complete inner world of individual

Create completely tangible constructs and imprision people in their dreams.



circus showman


Precognition( perceive future events before they happen The mind can only percieve their own perceptions of the future by their own take on reality


Flash seconds or minutes before they happen

Hints of multiple futures

Inhanced by tools like, drawing, crafting, dreaming,trance  tarot  or speaking out



Can see the future into months beofre they happen with clear multiple futures

Beginning to perceive the destiny or fate of a happening or someone.

Tools are still used but with complete ease and sometimes not at all

Controlled at will


Seeing the entire picture and seeing how one person or event changes big paths of future

No tools are needed. Numerology/mathematics used to write down the future outcomes

Completely controlled and becomes like a reverse memory where the nearest futures are the most vivid.

Can see very far into the future


Can see lifetimes into the future

Can see hundreds of pathways

Can manipulate the future into the next few years if desired

Able to communicate with future self




Stock Broker

Police Officer

Security Guard

Retro cognition  discern events of the past


Understand what happened briefly before at a place/person

Intuitvely occures and uncontrolably

Uses art to express like writing, painting, drawing, or see it in dreams


Controls when and how using talent

Understands further back like months into the past

Art is used but only more difficult instances

Starting to understand how a occurance or action can change the present/future


Can see years back into the past

No tools are needed to use talent

Can history read places and people to the beginning

Able to see how history were repeats itself

Beginning to communicate with younger selves


Able to communicate with their younger selves

Can see centeries into the past

Communicate with decendents to a limted ability

Intuitive talent to read a person’s histroy and what occurs


Police Officer




Decective/ Investiagater

Remote Viewing to perceive a place, object or person.


Able see places, things and people that they know but aren’t near

Can map out the area that the target is in

Not controlled, if viewer thinks of it it will happen randomly

Uses catoptromancy(reflective surfaces to see people or objects further away or focus talent, no sound)


Able to see places, things and people they don’t know or haven’t been or haven’t seen to a certain radius around themselves

Can map out the area and even limitedly naviagate or follow the target if they know it.

Easily use catoptromancy and hear what they are viewing

Now controlled talent called up at will


Able to see places, things and people all over the world

Can easily map out the are and naviagate to those places

No longer need catoptromancy to focus talent

Able to appear via reflective surfaces but not speak to the target


Able to link with a telepath and work with clairvoyant on projects

Able to view deep under water and core of the earth

Able to get past shielded and spelled targets

Able to communicate through mirrors, reflective surfaces



Police Officer



Aerona healing powers


Little endurance maybe one person a day or few days

senstive to illness, pain physical and/or mental

Uncontrolled talent

Need to touch to heal small physical hurts and find the right words to help mental pain and themselves


Able to filter and shield and turn talent on and off at will

Small radius around them they can sense people’s needs

Able to heal large wounds and burn off illness with touch

No longer need touch for small wounds and able to right the balance of the mind with medium/small issues

Able to heal multiple small issues in a day. Heavy issues once a day

See auras of peoples issues


Can heal all heavy issues multiple times a day but will tire and need to recover

Able to heal large wounds, severe illnesses without touch

Able to sense people’s  needs from a large radius

Can heal from death’s door and deeply damaged minds

See auras and heal them

Able to fix magical damage


Able to heal everything with ease

Able very little recovery time

Able to sense needs a mile or more out

Can heal at death’s door, completely heal deeply damaged minds

Regrow lost body parts

Heal animals to a lesser extent

Able to fix magical damange to aura and souls

Potentially be able to be immortal





Rehabilitation  physican

Field Medic

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