Hellhound.Other names: barghest, black shuck, cadejo, cerberus, teu, gytrash,  felhunde, fenrir, garmr, warg, kirm grim, kyrkogrim, kirkonvaki, yeth hound, gwyllgi, moddey dhoo, cwn annwn, dip, barghest

Apperance: Ominous/hellish used to drag souls to helllsupernatural dogs. Black fur, red eyes, super strength and speed. Can sometimes talk. Ghostly or phantom characteristics, foul odor(brimstone).

Powers: Rumor that if you look into a helhound’s eyes twice or more you will die, if you see it or hear it howla omen or cause of death.  Fire based abilities and appearance. Assigned to guard the intrances to the world of the dead like graveyards and burial grounds. Hunting lost souls, guarding a supernatural treasure. The Welsh Cwn Annwn can be benign but seeing one was a sign of imminent death.

They can help by warning people of danger and protect them when they need it. They are loyal to those call and are watchful. Half the time it isit is to warn half the time they cause the bad thing to happen. They are seen as helper dogs for those who are about to pass but can show up to to loved ones and inform them or a loved ones passing. Hell hounds can be good creatures and feel remorseful when they do something they don’t fully agree with.

Protect from: salt and iron nails


Two headed dog witha serpent tailed dog. guard dog


Black dog: Other names: hairy jack, skriker, cu sith, galleytrot, capelthwaite, mauthe doog, gytrash, gurt dog, oude rode ogen, tibicena, portent of death. Larger than a normal dog with large glowing eyes. Associated with electrical storms, crossroads, places of execution and ancient pathways

Poko Kachina: spirit that represents all domestic animals. Friendship, protection and sheep herding. Sometimes considered to be a hunter.


Phoenix: Greek/Old English  Other names is a Bennu (Egyptian solar bird), Arabic anqa, Hindu garuda and gandaberunda, Russian firebird, Persian Simorgh, Goergian paskunji, Turkish Zumrudu Anka, Tibetan Me byi karmo, Chinese fenghuang, zhu que and Japan hoo. Long lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun. The bird obtains new life from rising from the ashes of its death. It dies in a flames and combustion.  The bird is said to live over 1400 years before rebirth. It has a purple red hue, sometimes seen with animbus with seven rays, crest of feathers on its head.  It like a peacock with the veraigation of colors. Red, yellow, purple . Blue sapphire eyes with scales of yellow-gold on its legs with rose colored talons. It is roughly the size from an eagle to a ostrich.

Ability to regenerate when hurt or wounded. Therefore it is almost immportal and invincible to with invincible fire and divinity.  Commonly found in colder climates than hot.em too hot to live ina ny other climate. Their internal fire makes th These birds can only be called by those who have a certain magic in them and be asked for help. If someone creates a bond with it it can become their familiar if the bird wants. It is a bird of prey, feeds on fish, krill, baby mammals. One feather from it’s tail will allways have a golden light.


North American Indian bird. other names Wakihan, kw-uhnx-wa and animikii, binesi,has power and strenght. It is known from the Pacific Northwest coast and Southwest, great lakes and great plains indians.  Said to able to carry a killer whale in it talons. When it beats its enormous wings it causes thunder and creates wind. It controls rainfall. Capable creating large storms and thundering while it flies. Clouds are pulled together by its wingbeats and thunder from the wings clapping. Sheet lightning flashes from its eyes when it blinks It is multi-colored with two curling horns and often has teeth in its beak. It is, wrathful and intelligent. It lives on the top of a mountain. They have the ability to turn into humans and married into human families. It was believed to kill the Unktehila.


Cikavac: other names: squeaker. Demonic. d Serbian winged animal with a long beak and a pelican sack.  It is  created by taking an egg from a black hen. It is carried by a woman for 40 days . Then once its born it will get honey from beehives and milk from cattle and bring them to you. It will fulfill any owner’s wish and the owner will understand the animal language.

Ari: underworld giant eagle who scares the dead  Norse


Impundulu: South African incubus in the form of a bird. It will attack and kill any human lover of the woman it has intercourse with. the child of such a union will be a vampire.

Hamsa: aquatic bird like a goose or swan. In India or SE Asia. The perfect balance and life.  Eats pearls and

Huma: Iranian It lives its entire life flhying invisibly high above the earth and never landing. It is male and female in one body. each nature is having one wing and one leg.  It is a bird of fortune with its shadow. If it lands over a person it is said to bestow kingship.  If cathing a glimpse of it or a shadow of it will make one happy for the rest of his/her life.  It cannot be caught alive and the person that killed it will die in fourty days.

Zhar-ptisa russian firebird: large bird with plumage that glows brightly emitting red orange and yellow light like a bonfire. The feathers do not cease glowing if removed and one feather can light a large room if not concealed. Eats apples and flies around giving hope to those that need it.

Jersey devil: US New Jersey creature. Flying biped with hooves. It has a head of a goat, bat like wings, horns small arms with clawed hands and lcloves hooves. It also has a forked tail. It moves quickley and has a blood curdling scream. It eats livestock, terrorized towns and caused factories and schools to close. Legend says  Mrs. Shroud made a wish that if she ever had another child she wanted it to be a devil. The next child was missshapen and eformed.  It escaped when it was a bit older. Nother Legens sats a a girl had a child to a british soldier during the revolution so people cursed her. When she gave birth she had a devil

Reptilian :

Dragon: typically with serpentine or reptilian traits. Many different types of dragons from all over the world. Europe,  Chiniese, Japan, Korea etc. It is a huge lizard with legs or a snake with with legs. Often times they can emit fire or be poisonous. and fly. They hatch from eggs and possess scaly(armoured-tough) or feathered bodies and have dorsal spines. They have large yellow or red eyes that are sperpentine.They can be many headed in addition. They hoard treasure, live long and are wise. They often possess some form of magic and associated with wells, rain and rivers. They like to live in caves or have an underground lair. They can have human speech. The blood of a dragon is said to be beneficical or poisonous/acidic. One legend says the blood has the power to render invincible skin or armor.

Campacti: Mexican A huge dragon from whose body was slain to release the earth. A cryptid of fish and a crocodcile with a long lashing tail.

akhekhu lived in the deserts and wastelands but it is adaptable to most enviornments. Serpent like head with a long feline body with a lion tail. It has antelers like a antelope. It has a line of long colorful fur from its forehead to its hind quarters. It’s lions tail has a tuft of fur at the tip. It has large claws. It has short fur allover it’s body. It has spots like a cheetah  It is a small dragon the size of a cheetah. It hunts cats, dogs, rats, rabbits and other smaller creatures. It can’t fly but it can jump and climb very well.

apalala water dwelling dragon. it  raises hailstorms and floods to flush out the crops of the fields he fed upon.  He is a legless dragon but has a fins and big tail. The colors range to blues, greens and browns. He has spines running from the head to the tip of the tail.

hydra sperpent water monster. It has many heads(9). Each head that was cut off it grew two more. The necks need to be seared after the head was cut off.It has posionous breath and blood so virulent that its scent could be deadly. It guards the underworld entrance from the water. This was a scaled reptilian beast with spines all along the ridges of its body. It has four legs that are clawed like a birds with long tail that is tipped. It is colors in blacks, blues and greens.  No wings. Its gall is poisonous so arrows and spears heads are dipped in it.

vritra serpent or dragon that blocks the course of rivers causing drought Its wings are attached to its front legs like a bat.The wings are very spiney with thorns.  It has a heavily horned head with lots of spines as well. Its eyes are red and slitted. The tail has a big thorn at the tip surrounded by spines.

zilant  advised and helps humans. gave them gifts.  It was a shaped like a snake with wings. Its body was dark between black and brown with vivid colored wings. It had bird clawed feet.

zmiy it has three heads, green and walk s on two back paws. Small front paws and spits fire. If the head is cut off and the headless neck isn’t covered in ash or burnt immediatly it will grow back. It is intelligent, wise and has lots of knowledge. It is strong and good in magic. It is richand loves women. It is capable of having children with the women. It breathes fir

Wyrm-smaller dragon, magical and can vreathe ice to freeae what they wish. They are gigantic serpents without legs or wings. They have huge jaws and powerful tails. Have a layer of hard protective scales, lives in waters and likes to coil around things like hills. Generally mean and can rejoin themselves if cut into pieces.


basilisk small reptile, with a large tuft on its head. Had thick bird legs, Could kills things with a glance from their eyes. Its breath could kill and the streams and rivers they drank from would be poisoned. It was fouly odourous. The weasel was immune to its gaze. the rooster would cause it to flee from its crowing. The rue plant could withstand the breath and used to heal a basilisk attack. Could be destroyed by seeing its own relfection in a mirror. It had leather bat wings and a bird head with a beak of deadly fangs.

boitata-headless giant snake with bull horns and enormous fiery eyes that crawls over the open field at night. Sometimes described as a fire snake. Looking at its eyes blinds people. By day they are almost blind. It likes caves and eats dead animals normally. But it can attack people and animals. It will protect the woods and forests where its lives. Brazillian.

salamander(fire)  amphibians-lizard like animal with star like markings. It never comes out unless there are heavy showers and disappears the moment the weather becomes clear. It hibernates in fireplaces and logs and feeds on fire. it has poisonous breath that will kill people. It can create and put out flames(Its body was cool enough too). If  a cloth was made it the skin it would be incombustible and very valuable for wrapping up precious items. If it gets irritated it secretes a milky juice tha protects itself from fire. then it will ignite. Salamanders were created when glass blowers stocked their furnaces continually for seven days and nights.

inkanyamba african: a serpent that lives in a waterfall lake area. Said to have a horse like head. Its anger causes seasonal storms. Looks like a huge winged eel. they are viciously territorial. It has finned mains, huge fore flippers and a nasty disposition. It takes to the sky annually in the form of a giant ornado to find it’s mate.

Ninki nanka: West african  reptilian and dragon like chinese dragon like. .

ouroboros a serpent eating its own tail.  It is constantly re creating itself

rainbow serpent





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